The Sky Is Crying: Wudder Sports Stormy Monday Mea Culpa Blues

The Sky Is Crying: Wudder Sports Stormy Monday Mea Culpa Blues

They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.

Let’s hope not.

Because all day today, the sky was crying, while the wind howled and moaned.

Yesterday, with a heady combination of friends, food, music, conversations and libations, was indeed a Sunday Funday in South Jersey.

If only the football could have reciprocated.

We’re getting fairly used to being excited, hoping for entertaining football, but ending up with slop similar to the conditions outside. We just puttered thru the pedestrian 20SickDream season, while in the 2017 postseason, we’ve seen exactly one good game out of ten.

Full disclosure, it would be a stretch to pretend we “watched” much of the first. It was our full intention to do so. Had it cued on the DVR, only needed to fast-forward thru the first quarter commercials at the house, there was just a bit of business to attend to in the form of an 11-year-old girls’ basketball game beforehand, as well as party supplies to be gathered for the festivities.

Unfortunately, after accidentally catching the score at 24-0 Atlanta in the second quarter, while at the counter of the local liquor store, the idea of absorbing the impact of this bloodletting with full levels of concentration seemed foolish.

As if there weren’t enough signs last week that God might be taking the week off?

Look no further than seeing GODgers Eat A Peach in the final game at the Georgia Dome.

As we readily acknowledged going in, the Falcons were superior or equal at just about every other part of the roster, besides quarterback. But on Sunday, even that wasn’t true. Though I’m sure GODgers would like to have Julio Jones, rather than Aaron Ripkowski. Congrats to Matty Ice & Co. though.  

The late game generated more interest. It even threatened to be compelling at times. Still, once it got rolling, you never really felt New England was going to lose, particularly once it became clear that the “take away what you do best” choice Belasterisk made was Antonio Brown. So once a groin injury took Le’veon Bell, we'd already reached the bargaining stage.

As for Nostrabombus’ picks, which took the points, along with the personally preferred outcome, over two home favorites?

"Wow, that did not go well, the defense rests."

Now, despite the ominous prospect of two weeks of Chowdahead chatter, we stand, bloodied but unbowed. The ledger reading 6-5 for the postseason, with 3 upset money line specials, or 5-5 with two UMLSP if you wanted to nitpick and say that Clemson national title win doesn't count.

So, let’s just say there’s a lot riding on this Super Bowl coming up in 13 days:

-a winning postseason record for Nostrabombus in Wudder Sports’ first year.
-a chance for Brady to become the most bejeweled signal-caller in NFL history.
-Matt Ryan making The Leap with an MVP and a Lombardi.
-Goodell having to pretend to be happy, handing over a Lombardi to Bob Kraft.
-The Falcons giving ATL its first title since 1995, aka the same year The Donald claimed a $918 million-dollar tax loss to get out of paying taxes until now.

So, we’ve got about two weeks to try to talk ourselves into Atlanta. Whether it be that elusive first Super Bowl for three different hard-luck NFL birds, The Wudder finally premiering in podcast form, or having to hold out 13 more days before potentially seeing a second good postseason football game?

It can perhaps be summed up succinctly by one of the DAWG Sunday post-game selections that tugged at the heartstrings, penned by Bruce Cockburn and performed to perfection by Jerome John “Jerry” Garcia:

Scuffle for a nickel, struggle for a dime
Forget about the past, leave your worries behind
How come the future has to take such a long, long time

When you're waiting for a
When you're waiting for a
When you're waiting for a miracle

Until next time, hopefully accompanied by sunshine…

Stay tuned for a new Stream of Process on Wednesday, following our visit Tuesday to the Wachovia Center for the game against the Clippers, as well as other surprises later this week and our First Annual Super Bowl Spectacular next week.

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