Volume Saluter: A Complete List Of All The People Allen Iverson Mentioned In The Greatest Hall of Fame Speech Of All-Time

Volume Saluter: A Complete List Of All The People Allen Iverson Mentioned In The Greatest Hall of Fame Speech Of All-Time

It was the type of murder that don’t need no hook.

It was all over the place yet completely on point.

It was filled with surprises but exactly what we should’ve expected.

It was well-prepared while still free-flowing.

It was stuffed with more shout-outs than shots taken in the ‘01 NBA Finals.

It was approximately nine minutes shorter than his career minutes-per-game average.

It was EVERYTHING and attempted to mention damn near EVERYBODY.

It was pure, unadulturated ALLEN IVERSON.

It was the realest shit he ever wrote.

The truest words he ever spoke.

Which means that pound-for-pound,
whether in a game or at the podium,
you're probably looking at The GOAT.

A Complete List In Chronological Order (additional AI commentary italicized):

GOD for loving me...and blessing me...thanks for blessing me to be the man that I am and have no regrets on being the guy that I am, the person that my family love, my friends love, my teammates love and my fans love
Basketball Fans
Jerry Colangelo
The Basketball Hall of Fame
Coach John Thompson
for saving my life
Ann Iverson
Georgetown University
Larry Brown
I was an 'aight' basketball player, but once I started to listen to Larry Brown and take constructive criticism I learned how much of a great, great, great coach he is…once I started to listen to him the way I was supposed to, that’s when I became the MVP
Doctor J those are big shoes to fill…literally…especially when you’re a size ten…just a great, great man, handsome old-school dude too
Beautiful Mother
you goin to basketball practice!
Aunt Jessie
Uncles Steve & Greg
-Tiara aka Honey Boo Boo aka Daddy Send Me Some Money
-Allen Iverson II aka Deuce
-Isiah Iverson aka The Professor
-Messiah aka Boo aka Boobie Boo
-Dream aka Yubba Yubb

They Say You Wanna:
Pass like Isiah
Shoot like Bird
Rebound like Barkley
Lead like Magic
Dominate like Shaq
But I Wanted To BE LIKE MIKE

Chappelle Show Episode on Rick James
Mike’s Aura
Air Jordans
The Knicks
The Bad Boy Pistons
His Sister Brandy
I love you for all the times Daddy would give you a hundred dollars and you’d give me ninety-five of it, I love you for all the things you do for your big brother, I love you and I proud of you
People Who Are Not Here But Watching Him From Above:
-Uncle Ronald
-“Honey” Combs
-Anthony “Wolf” Jones
-My Man Kai
What’s Up, Jug
Lebron James & His Family
Rich Paul
Maverick Carter
Chris Paul & His Family
Monte Williams & His Family
Stanky Wanky
Out Dere
Kelly Rogers
Mally G
My Man Thompson We gonna do a lotta laughing tonight
Big Bro Kev In Philly
My Main Man Reggie
Love You Ten-Fo’
Leon Rose Super-Agent
Gary Moore
thank you for teaching me in sports, if it’s me…or you? It’s me.
Boo Williams still waiting on the shoes that you promised us and our rings
Wanda Harrell
Pee Wee
Hold Your Held, Be Strong
Bobby Mays
Jim Jones

I wanna thank:
Biggie Smalls

Michael Jackson
for being my theme music when I played
Aberdeen Raiders
Bethel High School
Bethel HS Basketball Coach Mike Bailey
Tony Rutland
My partner in crime in high school
Bethel HS Teammates
My Georgetown Family
The Great Georgetown Centers: Dikembe, Patrick, Alonzo…
tough shoes to fill
Boubacar Aw
George Butler
Irvin Church
John Jacques

Brendan Gaughan
Ya-Ya Dia
Othella Harrington
James Reed
Don Reid
Kevin Millen
Eric Myles
Jerry Nichols
Jahidi White
Love You Bro
Jerome Williams I Love you brother for everything that you’ve done for me
Daymond Jackson
Victor Page
James Reed
Joe Tuoumuo
Dean Berry
For Teaching Me The Crossover...a Walk-On! Man Didn’t Even Have A Name On His Jersey
Reebok Gotta Thank Reebok. A Lifetime Contract? Whoo.
Paul Fireman
Tom Shine
Todd Prince
B Lee
Q Gaskins
David Stern
Adam Silver
Billy Hunter
Chris Champ
Leo Wilcox
the only thing that I think about when I think about him is LOVE and BELIEF
Billy King
Al Lumpkin
Love You, Lump
Mike Preston
Mark Zumov
The World’s Best Commentator Hands Down
Scott Rego
Doc McFillin
Mike Goines
The Media
Phil Jasner
Stephen A Smith
Dei Lynam
The Fans Worldwide
Fans In China,
I Love My Fans In China So Much
*pause for standing ovation and M-V-P Chants*
76er Teammates
Doug Overton
Clarence Witherspoon
Luscious Harris
Matt Geiger
Raja Bell
George Lynch
I Love You
Todd Macullough
Kevin Ollie
Turned out to be a great coach, why do point guards turn out to be coaches? Because they so used to tellin’ everybody what to do.
Nazr Muhammad
Jerry Stackhouse
Derrick Coleman
Love You
Mark Davis
Don MacLean
Sam Dalembert
Jumaine Jones

Ty Hill
Vernon Maxwell
My protector when he played for us, you always knew he was always willing to fight
Theo Ratliff
Larry Hughes
I Love You, My Brother
Aaron McKie…Eric Snow
*pause* My Brothers Man, Definitely My Brothers From Another Mother, I’m So Proud Of The Men That They’ve Turned Out To Be, The Fathers That They Are, The Family Men That They Are, Have A Lot Of Respect For Y’all and I Appreciate You...
Denver Nuggets
Nuggets Fans
George Karl
Stan Kronke
Josh Kronke
Kenyon Martin
Marcus Camby

Chucky Atkins
Melo I Love You
JR Smith
Tim Grgurich
Rex Chapman
Steve Hess
Mo Cheeks
Don’t Worry About It AI, One Day You’ll Give Somebody 36/9/9
Lou Williams Keep Your Head Up, Don’t Cry, He Does That To Everybody
Shaq I Love You So Much As A Person, Obviously The Most Dominant Big Man We’ve Ever Seen
Tyronn Lou
The Man Looked At Me & Said What I Woulda Said “Thank You”
The Ones That Stuck By Me Throughout My Journey
All The Talk In The Barber Shop & Hair Salons:
“look my man is…solidified
Last But Not Least, My Number One Person In The World, Hands Down…
Tawana Iverson
24 Years, Ups, Downs, But Real Love, I Want You To Be Proud Of Yourself, I Want You To Walk Around & Know That You A Hall Of Famer
Everyone That Supported Me Throughout This Tough Journey Love Y’all For That
The Guys That Are Not My Friends Anymore
I’m Glad You Blew You Cover, For Me To Recognize That You Weren’t Any Good To My Family, Or Me…I Appreciate Y’all For That...So Now If I Make Any New Friends…I Know The Signs…

Thank You…

*exits to symphonic music soon drowning into M-V-P Chants*

Thank You,
Allen Iverson aka The Answer aka AI aka BubbaChuck aka Jewels

With Love,
The World

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