Purple Dreams and Stranger Things: A New Year's Affirmation for 2018

Purple Dreams and Stranger Things: A New Year's Affirmation for 2018

January 1st, 2018
From the Office of The Wudder Editorial Desk

Dearly Beloved Readers,

Today in "Humbling Signs That You Might Be Washed" News...

No-Longer-So-Young-Bambino fell asleep on New Year's Not-So-Rockin' Eve well before the ball dropped, laptop on chest, while watching a free stream of the in-this-context-ironically-titled Can't Stop, Won't Stop documentary.

puffy plane.gif
puffy L.gif

Probably should've remembered to drink that post-dinner coffee I'd made, rather than forgotten it on the kitchen counter overnight.

Perhaps then I'd have remained conscious enough for the fireworks, thundering from a field 300 yards away, to save me from my slumber.


That would've at least gotten me to the NYE house party only three blocks away, if not over the bridge to the Fillmore for the Pretty Lights show.

Granted, only 24 hours earlier the kid had been out in Illadelph with a rare crew, painting the town red...


But still, your boy used to swing back-to-backs on a holiday weekend like it was his job.

Alas, Babble On...

I briefly awoke shortly after the ball dropped, around 12:30, texted a few mea culpas out to associates-in-left-hanging-plans, briefly rose to hit up the refrigerator for some hydration, then shortly afterwards fell right back asleep, soundly, for seven hours.

Sometime during those hours I had a dream...

I dreamed I was back in college, and Prince was my English teacher.

The classroom looked like more like my 6th grade science class at Haddonfield Middle School, than anywhere on the Western Maryland (né, McDaniel) College campus.

I hadn't done the assigned reading, and therefore didn't understand the concepts that the two girls next to me were discussing.

I ended up asking to step out, in order to go to my locker and grab my notebook.

Really that was a convenient excuse to escape the discomfort brought forth by a lack of preparation.

After looking at me slightly disgusted for a second, Professor Prince said "Yes, you can go!".

giphy (24).gif

I never made it back to class, somehow the dream shifted to me looking for the elevator to the parking garage in my old Santa Monica apartment building.

But I'm gonna chalk that part up as irrelevant, while the details were much hazier than the classroom scene, after I awoke.

What I do remember is prior to panickingly heading for the door, Prince was lecturing the class with the following soliloquy:

"I will never call anything a rehearsal. If you call something practice, or a sound-check, or a warm-up, you're just giving yourself an excuse for it to not be your best. If you're telling me going in that the sex isn't gonna be good, then I don't wanna fuck you".*

The class nodded vigorously and laughed in approval, while taking notes.

*This was in the range of Purple Rain-era Prince, when he cussed pointedly but freely, rather than the later, profanity-free, Jehovah's Witness incarnation.

I have no idea if that is a real quote from somewhere, or what this dream represents.

I rarely remember mine, but I'm taking Purple Yoda's words from this dream to mean:

"plan on, and strive for, excellence at all times in 2018."

Life is more than just a warm-up for a bigger show.

So with that being said, we'll see how it all goes.

But it felt like advice to aspire to, in whatever we choose to do.

Happy New Year 2018, Wudder World!

Much Love, Luck + Success 2 All of U.


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